"Strengthening & Transforming Lives!"   

       Luke 22:32           



Encourage - Educate - Develop - Empower - Deploy

ENCOURAGE: Our mission is to inspire every human being to live a victorious life in Christ.

EDUCATE: Our mission is to inform every human being of the love and salvation of Jesus Christ.

DEVELOP: Our mission is to help every human being transition from the state of spiritual immaturity, to being grounded in biblical truth.  

EMPOWER: Our mission is to inspire every human being to discover and exercise their God-ordained gifts, purpose, and authority as a citizen of God’s kingdom.

DEPLOY: Our mission is to release trained, equipped, and effective individuals to impact the earth with kingdom presence.


Our Execution Strategy  

We will Provide resources that advance physical well being

We will Expose people to biblical truth and kingdom logic

We will Educate people about the importance of financial stewardship

We will Make disciples and provide spiritual accountability

We will Develop, equip, and release people to effective in the earth