Strengthening & Transforming The Life of Every Human Being
— Luke 22:32


Forbidden to Fail is a thriving, energetic, and anointed church assigned to strengthen and transform the lives of individuals for Kingdom advancement. We are known for our powerful and anointed worship, strong, relevant and effective teaching and preaching, and our resilient and consistent love and encouragement.


Raymond Williams


Raymond is the senior pastor of Forbidden to Fail, Inc. located in Tampa, FL. He is an Apostle who is anointed to impact the lives of the lost, minister healing to the broken, empower the weak, and encouraged those who are in pursuit of the will of God with a powerful and relevant Kingdom message.

He is a servant to God’s people, a steward of God’s resources, and a seeker of God presences. He is submitted to God’s will and is in aggressive pursuit of coming to the end of himself for God’s glory.

He is a husband, a father, a mentor, a song writer, an author, a leader, a teacher, and a motivational, inspirational, and transformational coach. In addition to nurturing his own family, he assumes the role of an Apostolic Father and covering of a multiplicity of sons, daughters, ministries, churches, and business professionals within the Tampa area, and across the states.

Raymond believes that everyone has been called for Kingdom purpose and that we the church have been given the responsibility to assist them in discovering that purpose.

Apostle Williams lives by three very strong convictions, among many

(1) That there is absolutely nothing more meaningful, more rewarding, or more important in the life of the believer than the pursuit of Kingdom purpose

(2) That there is absolutely nothing on the planet more important than family

(3) That, no matter what it looks like, no matter what it sounds like, you are absolutely, positively, 100% unquestionably forbidden to fail!


Lady Carrie Williams

servant leader

Derrick Ashley

servant pastor


Tameka Daniels

Servant Leader

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Ashley Williams

servant MINSTREL

Savon Williams

servant minister

Raymond Daniels

servant leader

Tanya Cogdell

servant minister